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Top 5 uses for Artificial Grass around the Home

Whether you’re considering artificial grass for sporting purposes, practical reasons or to enhance the design or your home, artificial grass has many wonderful uses.

In this article, we look at the top 5 ways you can use artificial grass around the home to help you moving forward.

Improving your Home

When looking for ways to improve your home, there are many fantastic ways you can do this. From painting and decorating the inside of your home to renovating the external areas, it’s important to consider all possibilities.

Buying new furniture, replacing the carpets or flooring and sprucing up your garden are all fantastic ways to give your home a make-over and potentially add value to your property. Ultimately, it comes down to creating an environment that you or potential investors want to live in, so it’s a wise idea to consider the wide range of opportunities available.

Using Artificial Grass at Home

If you are looking for unique or unusual ways to enhance your home, artificial grass is something that should definitely be considered.

Artificial grass can be used for:

  1. Perfecting your golfing skills
  2. Creating a pet-friendly play area
  3. Enhancing your garden
  4. Quirky and creative decorating
  5. Ensuring a weatherproof swimming pool surround

Below, we take a deeper look into each of our 5 top uses and why they should be considered for improving your home.

1. Perfecting your Golfing Skills with Artificial Grass

Artificial putting greens provide a perfect means by which to improve your golfing skills. Rather than trekking to the golf club every week, why not consider the addition of your own garden putting green to hone your putting skills?

You might have spent hours at the driving range perfecting your long-game, but tightening up your short-game might be just the thing you need in 2018. Having an artificial putting green in your garden means you don’t have to go far to practice your putting. Simply pick up your putter and practice at home to your hearts content.

Artificial Putting Green Turf

2. Why Artificial Grass is Ideal for Dogs

As a pet owner, you no doubt want the best for your furry companion. If there’s any way you can make your dogs life better, it’s with the additional of artificial grass.

Pesticides, insects and other outdoor elements can sometimes irritate dogs, causing them to itch vigorously or become stressed. The last thing you want as a dog owner is a dog that isn’t happy at home. By replacing your back garden lawn with a new, dog-friendly, artificial lawn, you can go a long way to ensuring your dog remains happy at home.

Artificial Grass For Dogs

3. Enhancing your Garden with Artificial Grass

After years of on-going development by a whole host of fake grass experts, modern-day artificial grass is closer to real grass than ever. Artificial grass comes with a number of added benefits however.

Not only will your new artificial lawn provide you with wonderfully green grass through all 4 seasons, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance that comes with having a real lawn. No more mowing, muddy footprints or uneven patches. Just one beautifully green lawn that looks exceptional all-year round.

Artificial Grass for Lawns

4. Using Artificial Grass Inside the House

A lot of people are turning to artificial grass as an alternative to carpets in the home.

Artificial grass might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are trying to come up with a new flooring option for your kitchen, but other areas of your home might be more suitable. Children’s play rooms for example can be decorated uniquely with fake grass.

Other examples of ways in which artificial grass can be used inside the house include:

  • Up the stairs
  • In your office
  • Inside your sliding wardrobe
  • Micro putting greens

If you’re a huge fan of artificial grass, you will probably already have an idea of where and how you want to use artificial grass inside your home. The possibilities are endless!

5. Surrounding Swimming Pools with Artificial Grass

Surrounding your outdoor swimming pool with artificial grass is a clever idea. Not only can chlorine from your pool seriously harm a real lawn, pesticides, insects and soil from your lawn can make it a real nightmare to keep your pool clean.

One of the best ways to avoid any pool related problems in the garden is to introduce artificial grass. Artificial grass won’t become slippery when wet either, so it’s a real winner if you care about health and safety. Kids won’t have to contend with a wet, muddy lawn when they get out the pool. Instead, a mud-free, non-slip, beautifully-green artificial lawn that will help to protect your pool and vice-versa.

Artificial Swimming Pool Grass

So there you have it. The top 5 uses for artificial grass around the home. We hope you enjoyed reading. Check back in again soon for more home improvement tips and advice for improving your home, inside and out.

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