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New Flooring

How Flooring can Benefit your Home

The one thing you’ll definitely know before you buy your floor is which room you’re fitting it in. Each room comes with its own challenges but, whichever room you’re fitting in, there’ll be a floor to suit your needs.

Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet

Probably the two most common and popular choices in floor surface covering—hardwood and carpet—each has a variety of characteristics that make them favourable in specific environments to match specific needs. Understanding the nature of the materials will allow you to make an informed choice about how best to use and apply them in various locations.

Benefits of New Flooring

The Virtues of Hardwood Flooring

  • Prestige – Hardwood flooring commands more respect than carpeting as a design choice in residential applications. It is seen as being “high end” and “luxurious,” both because it is a natural material and because it is normally more expensive than carpeting.
  • Easy to Keep Clean – Some people feel that it is impossible to clean carpet, because stains soak in and settle permanently, and because dust and micro-bacteria are easily trapped in the fibres.
  • Long Lasting – Properly maintained, hardwood flooring can last for decades, and some of the higher end materials can last for generations. Carpet, on the other hand, usually needs to be replaced every few years.
  • Versatility – Hardwood can be left exposed for its sheer drama, but if you want to soften the look and get some of the benefits of carpeting in a room, you can lay down a rug to cover as much of the space as you wish.

    The Qualities of Carpet

  • Softness – The biggest appeal to carpeting is that it is soft and feels great beneath bare feet This is particularly soothing in bedrooms, children’s rooms, and some family and living room areas, where you want to promote an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.
  • Warmth – Carpet is going to be much warmer than hardwood floors, especially on a chilly winter morning. It acts not only like a blanket for your feet, but it also helps to insulate the room, ensuring that warmth remains indoors and doesn’t slip through more porous flooring materials.
  • Safety – The fact that it is so soft makes carpet a particularly safe flooring choice. With hardwood, a trip or fall can result in injuries and broken objects. With carpet, though, you have a cushion running across the entire room, making damage from an accident much less likely.
  • Physical Comfort – The fact that it is soft and warm makes carpet just about the most comfortable flooring material you can stand on.

How New Flooring Can Add Value to your Home

Without question, real estate professionals will tell you that nothing beats hardwood when it comes to positively impacting the selling price of the home and the ease of selling it. Wood flooring adds a comforting interest to a home, giving it a warm, clean vibe that resonates with buyers.

Hardwood Flooring will Increase Resale Value

The ongoing trend toward preference for hardwood flooring shows no signs of slowing down. Wood floors are pricey, costing at least double that of installing carpet.

However, in the long run, the investment in wood floors will pay off later. Hardwood will easily outperform carpet, lasting decades—even centuries—versus the 8-10-year lifespan of most carpet. In addition, carpet typically requires semi-annual professional cleaning which can cost hundreds of dollars in upkeep expense.

Tile is Still In

Tile flooring, both natural stone and porcelain, is still in vogue. The large size tiles, such as 20” x 20” or larger, are preferred because they make a room appear larger and, because of fewer grout lines, pack more visual punch.

Stick to lighter neutrals for the best resale value. Large format tiles are trending, the rectangular shapes in sizes such as 24” x 72” all the way up to 6’ x 10’ in size. Interesting patterns can be achieved by varying the tile shapes and sizes of the same tile finish for dramatic effect.

Low Maintenance Flooring

Concrete floors have been steadily rising in popularity, especially among millennial. Concrete floors are incredibly durable and low maintenance. Using different stains, dyes, paints, and aggregates, the concrete floors can acquire many different stylised looks, from urban and industrial to sleek and modern.

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