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Laminate Flooring Services in Guisborough

At Hendersons Carpets & Flooring we provide a selection of brilliant laminate flooring services to clients in and around Guisborough. You can trust that you’ll receive top of the range quality products from our experienced team. We’re proud of our hardwood flooring solutions and can guarantee that you’ll receive the best service.

Hendersons Carpets & Flooring are constantly one step ahead when it comes to flooring and with our wood laminate flooring solutions, we offer a satisfaction-guaranteed and no hassle installation service allowing us to exceed your requirements time and time again.

What laminate installation techniques do we use?


When supplying laminate hardwood flooring, we use the Quick-Step technique, this is perfect for single home interiors, including planks, tiles, modern and traditional, in all sizes.

Quick Step is suitable for every room and everyone, the wood effect flooring which is used is a very close resemblance to real wood flooring. This is through the use of surface planks which have a visible and palpable wood grain structure, the solutions we provide are very realistic wood effect collections.

Kaindl products use the most innovative floor installation techniques, they have a wide range of laminate panels and flooring which include wood and décor products. This laminate flooring is a very popular choice and easily available.

Laminate Flooring Guisborough

Why choose laminate flooring for your home?

There are a range of benefits when it comes to laminate flooring, this includes:

  • Easy to maintain – The laminate flooring that we install can be easily cleaned, making it easy for you to continue with your day-to-day tasks and activities without having to worry about your floors.
  • Easy to install – Our laminate solutions are the easiest types of flooring to install, our team of professionals will provide a first-class service when supplying your flooring.
  • Brand new styles – We can provide a range of laminate styles to suit your home or premises.
  • Brilliant prices – These flooring solutions are very cost effective and can be less than half the price of hardwood and cheaper than carpet, you’ll also save money as you won’t need to replace it for years.
  • Colour choice – There are a wide range of laminate flooring colours available for customers, which include light shades to create brightness around rooms, or darker colours to emphasize a more sleek and modern feel.
  • Range of finishes – To ensure your flooring suits your room décor and your taste, we offer a variety of finishes including wood planks, tiles and abstract styles.

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At Hendersons Carpet & Flooring we can provide a cost effect and professional laminate flooring installation service throughout Guisborough. For more information please contact a member of the team today!

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