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Caravan Carpet Fittings

Should you be looking for a professional carpet fitter to fit new carpets into your Northumberland caravan? Then look no further, our team of professionals can be on hand to assist with your caravan carpet fittings. The team at Hendersons Carpets & Flooring can be on hand to tend to your every need and requirement. Having 15 years of experience in the flooring industry means, you can trust that we’ll only deliver the best service when it comes to new flooring in your caravans.

Should you have any questions or require any further information about our carpeting service for your caravans, simply call us now on 07505 753 049. We’ve been providing our services to clients across Northumberland and the surrounding areas for a number of years.

Holiday Accommodation Flooring across Northumberland

At Hendersons Flooring, we’ve been providing quality flooring and carpet fitting for a number of years, we’re experts in the area so when you’re looking for flooring fitters at your holiday accommodation or caravan, trust that you’re in the right hands with Hendersons Flooring. We have a wealth of experience and are a family run business, we strive to provide a truly excellent, efficient and professional service to all of our clients across Northumberland and the surrounding areas.

The types of Caravan Carpet available

At Hendersons Carpets & Flooring, we can provide and install a selection of carpets differing in material and texture. The different type of carpet styles that you can choose from include:

  • Twist piles – coarse and rugged finish
  • Velvet piles – smooth appearance, similar cut to suede
  • Loop piles – replicates the aesthetics of natural flooring such as sisal, typically comes in natural and neutral colours
  • Saxonys – deep pile, popular in bedrooms as they do not flatten and have a sensuous feel
  • Patterned carpet – hard-wearing, typically has a smooth velvet surface

Carpet Materials we offer

When it comes to the above styles, we also provide a range of different materials; which include each having their own special properties. Take a look at our list to see what would benefit you, based on your requirements:

  • Wool – the classic material. Soft and doesn’t flatten easily. Wears well and easy to dye as well as being fire resistant.
  • Nylon – very strong and does not flatten easily. Often used to blend with wool.
  • Polypropylene – stain resistant, wears well although flammable and flattens easily.
  • Polyester – wears well and easily cleaned but flattens easy.

Carpet tends to be made from natural and synthetic fibres with each with their own characteristics. Fibres can often be blended together in order to produce yarns which provide the best properties for a particular use. Fibre which is weak in one area and blended with one that is strong in another thereby giving a better performance than either would on its own.

Carpet Installation in Northumberland

At Henderson Carpets & Flooring, our aim is to ensure that we make you feel more comfortable in your residential or commercial property in Northumberland. We understand that there’s limited choices when it comes to caravan carpets, so we make sure that we cater to all different kinds of situations. For more information call us now and we’ll be more than happy to advise you on what carpet we think is best for your requirements. If carpet isn’t quite what you are looking for then we can also provide many other flooring solutions; such as, vinyl flooring and laminate flooring.

No matter what you you require for your caravans or holiday accommodation in Northumberland, our team are always on hand to help! Call us now on 07505 753 049 or fill in our contact form online, today! We will be more than happy to assist you.

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